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How To Buy





Auction Process

Buying from Auction can be divided into 7 simple steps. Below is a brief description of each step. To get access to auctions, please register on our website here.


You need to send a security deposit to be able to view the auctions page and make bids on vehicles of your choice.



Once deposit if approved, you can search for vehicles and send bids on vehicles you want to purchase.


If there is a successful bid, you will be notified, and the vehicle will be added to your portal.



Invoice will be uploaded on your portal, please check and confirm the invoice.


After confirming your invoice, please make the payment as early as possible (2-3 business days).



Once your payment is confirmed, we will process for shipment and send you the details as soon as they are confirmed.


Your car arrives to the port. Any additional document/equipment of the vehicle will be sent to you by post.


from stock

From Stock

Other than buying from auction, you can also purchase vehicles from our stock. You can find our stock here.

If there is a vehicle that fits your requirement, please send us an inquiry with the stock number to, or you can directly ask one of our sales representatives you are in touch with. They will guide you with the process further on. Depending on the status of the vehicle, we will figure out a payment plan.

A certain amount is needed to reserve the vehicle. Remaining balance is payable when shipment is confirmed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy a car from Arby Japan International?

Prior registration is required. So, the first step is to register with us. After registration is completed, you can choose your preference from our stock list, or let us know what you have in mind.

What payment method does Arby Japan International accept?

✱ T.T:Telegraphic Transfer:This is the best way to electronically transfer your deposit and final payment to us.

✱ L/C: Letter of Credit:This is a payment method using your bank to secure payment with us.

✱ We accept Letters of Credit paid at sight.Please contact your bank for more information.


✱ Credit Card

Can I cancel my purchase order?

Yes, you can cancel your purchase order from stock vehicle within 5 days after confirmation and your deposit will be fully refunded. If the vehicle was purchased from your auction account through a bid and if notified within 1 hour of purchase, a penalty of JPY 80,000 would be charged to cancel. If the time exceeds more than 1 hour, then the total cost and loss of re-sale / re-auction would be charged and immediate charges would be deducted from your deposit.

How long does it take to receive my car?

Once your payment is received the vehicle will be booked for the next available vessel to your destination. If the shipment is scheduled on roll-on roll-off (RORO), vessels are generally available - at least 1-2 ships a month. Container shipments are weekly based. Please refer to the shipment schedule by contacting a sales representative.

Confirmation of vehicle/reservation

✱ Usually, a vehicle is reserved for five (5) business days. If we do not receive payment within the reservation period, we release the vehicle for sale.

✱ On receipt of complete payment, we will send you all the documents by a reputed international express courier.

✱ We accept the follow methods of payments: T/T (Telegraphic Transfers), L/C (Letters Of Credit), Paypal and Credit Cards. Please mention the Invoice Number for each transaction.