Arby International has a large stock of quality used cars, trucks, vans and micro bus. We specialize in delivering these vehicles to your desired location. Our aim is to do so at the most competitive prices. By using its experience of over 25 years, Arby International makes the process of importing your dream car to your country seamless.

Our highly skilled staff fluently speaks English, Japanese, Urdu and various other regional languages. They are dedicated to assist you in the process of getting your dream car. They are equipped with extensive knowledge of vehicles, its parts and various country regulations. To get in touch with our sales team, mail us at:

Arby International also mediates all kinds of inspection required by customers such as JAAI, JEVIC, ATJ and etc. We can also provide any other specific requirements for your country if requested.

Various countries have different year verification, and to make that easier for customers, you can check the year directly on our auctions page by entering the chasis number. You can also use most common other options such as

*It is your responsibility to check the car thoroughly before bidding. Arby International will take no responsibility.

In today’s world, no one likes to wait longer than necessary. And We aim to fulfill that. We provide the quickest shipment and makes sure our customers receive their car as early as possible. We have connections with various shipping companies which enables us to export vehicles all around the world. We provide shipments via Container, Roll on-Roll off and other special chartered methods depending on customer needs.

Arby International prioritizes speed at every level of its operation .From the initial deposit confirmation to the final delivery; we make sure all processes are quick, and smooth.